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Are you thinking about switching your organization to Salesforce, deduping your data, developing a custom automated process, or do you need an additional resource to help your organization? Maybe, you are thinking about changing an existing website or creating a new one (our preference is to work on WordPress sites developed with Divi). Or, perhaps you need something else that is IT-related? We offer a variety of services that can help you.


Administration and Development

Salesforce is our bread and butter, and we offer a lot of services in this area.

New Implementation

Lead Management, Sales Process Development, Data Modeling, Sales Performance Reporting, Proposal, SOW and Contract Automation, Service and Support Process Development, Billing System Integration

Custom Configuration and Development

Create custom processes, Validate user’s data entry, Sent email alerts and update data using rules, Customize pages for easy data entry, Create Custom Objects (tables), Develop unique processes for your company, Custom develop HTML (Visualforce) and Lightning Components, Create your Own Applications, Develop new Integrations and link data migrations

Data Migration and Implementation

Update data from spreadsheets, Install Third Party Applications, Move Data from Other CRM Products, Integrate Directly with External Systems

Reporting and Integration

Sales Pipeline Reporting, Sales Forecasting, Win: Lost Ratio, Reason for Loss, Net Retention & Gross Retention, Opportunity History Tracking, Activity Tracking (Calls, Emails, Meetings), Campaign Attribution

Support Services

Project Based, As Needed Resource, Dedicated Resource, Block of Time


Create, Customize, Maintain or Get Help

Preference is to work on WordPress sites that have been developed with Divi.


Your website will be made to your specifications, to be Fast and Mobile-Friendly, Flexible and Extensible. I can help you expand, maintain and secure your website. After your website goes live, I can also help you with any maintenance or updates you may need.


Add more functionality to your existing WordPress website to make it last longer. Better user experience, powerful branding, bespoke visuals, improved content management workflow, integrated payment systems, an email platform, or CRM integration are all available. Perhaps you’d like a more user-friendly submission form, a new landing page, or a few tweaks to improve conversion rates.


Have someone else fight spammers and hackers and update your WordPress core, themes, and plugins to ensure your website is working to its best possible performance. Additionally, backups of your website will be sent to the cloud, and I will monitor your website’s activity for downtime and other issues.

Get Help

Get your current website audited by me to determine if it’s worth further customization. Get help with the discovery process for your new website – regardless who you get to create it. Or if you just need a helping hand.

Other Services

Development, Data Management

We have experience doing many different IT jobs over the years, if you need something that hasn’t been listed, give us a call.

Code Development

Familiar with multiple programming languages: C#, JavaScript, HTML

Data Management

MS-SQL, MongoDB and Visual Sudio SSIS


Experienced with Project Management, Business Analyst, Personnel

Hourly Rates

Pricing Models For Every Need

Pricing differentiates based on travel outside of the Treasure Valley, Idaho. Most work can be completed via video meetings and online.

*Some projects may require a flat fee for Project-Based Work estimates. 501(c)(3) charitable and 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations in the US, including arts, humanitarian, social services, and religious organizations and foundations may be eligible for a discount.

** Needed Resource work, we respond to most requests within 24 hours. No minimum hours or deposits are required.

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